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Type your power company's rate and the Wattage of your appliance to find the hourly rate to set in TV Guzzler.

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Tips for appliances with idle modes

For appliances like a ducted heater that may only cut in for 4 minutes, 4 times an hour. You can use the third field to reduce the hourly rate. That way when you log an entire hour for that appliance it would be like logging 16 minutes. Using the reduced rate you'd only have to log the hours from when you turn it on in the morning until the time you turn it off, even though some of the time the system is in idle mode.

Hourly rates tutorial

Click below to view the instructions for calculating the hourly rate for your appliances. You will get the best results if you have a power meter that you can plug into each appliance and obtain it's power usage (Watts).

Hourly Rates Tutorial

Power Meters to get Appliance Wattage

Read about Power Meters

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