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Apscade Saver

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Reward yourself and stay in budget

Posted on Aug 10, 2017 by Miss Piggy

Next time you go to the shops try this out for a bit of fun!

Staying in budget:

  • Set yourself a goal for the total value of your shop. Say $140.
  • Now subtract about 15%. Say $20 in this case.
  • Your Goal is now $100
  • Aim for the $100 by only buying the essential items. If you need to go a bit over, thats ok.
  • When you get to the checkout see how much it actually cost. It should for starters be under the $140.
  • So congrats! You have stayed within your budget of $140, now comes the fun part!

Rewarding yourself:

  • Subtract the total value of your shop from $140. Say it was $110, that leaves $30.
  • Now, reward yourself. You have up to $30 to spend on you! You can go back and buy a treat if you like. You don't have to spend it all but, you earned it so you can now reward yourself if you so wish!
  • Money Bags and I do this all the time. We split the shop savings 50/50 and buy a couple treats (mostly healthy of course!)

Staying a motivated saver

Posted on May 20, 2017 by Money Bags

  • Commit to a percentage of your income, say 5%. On 40k income this 2k. Plenty for a nice yearly holiday.
  • Next calculate income * 0.05.
  • Put that goal into the Apscade Saver app - it's helpful to visualise it.
  • Progressively add the set weekly or monthly amount you worked out into a seperate bank account or piggy bank.
  • Track your progress in your saver app. This is most handy if you share a bank account for more than one goal.

Cheap Websites

Posted on Sep 05, 2015 by Money Bags

Hello Savers!
I would first like to congratulate you for taking the first very important step to saving by downloading our savings thermometer and committing to a goal.

I too love saving money and would like to give you all a special gift.

Today I've slashed the price of Apscade's Web Builder to $45 AUD.

I've always been a firm believer in knowing what you are paying for so we have a 30 day no obligation trial period to see if Web Builder is right for you. Register for an account here and start creating web pages in under a minute. After your 30 day trial you can keep the website by paying via Pay Pal from the link in the footer of your website. Full Feature List

Turn off that stereo!

Posted on Sep 20, 2014 by Money Bags

I just love listening to music but, did you know how much power your stereo can consume when it is sitting on standby?

I recently checked this out for myself using a power meter and to my surprise it was consuming a fair amount of power just sitting there. It turns out in fact, that the total cost per year for having my stereo connected to the wall socket (doing nothing) was $30!

So, here's a nice quick way to save yourself 30 bucks. Unplug your stereo whilst you are not using it.

For more info on how to measure and track your power usage, check out our TV Guzzler app. Visit 'TV Guzzler in the App Store' or on the 'TV Guzzler Website'

Tracking your financial freedom accounts

Posted on May 16, 2014 by Money Bags

When you invest it can be a nice reminder to see your progress in a visual way. Each month record the amount your investment has made a gain or loss to visualise your progress over time. You can log this into a savings thermometer like Apscade Saver 2. You can track three of your investment accounts all in the one place. To try Apscade Saver click on to the iTunes store and search for 'Apscade Saver 2'

Australia's federal Budget 2014

Posted on May 07, 2014 by Money Bags

With the 2014 May Budget looming here in Australia, money is at the forefront of every persons mind. Will I have enough for retirement or for tomorrow for that matter? Managing your money and setting up savings goals can help relieve financial pressure. Apscade Saver (for iphone and android) can help motivate you to save by tracking your savings goal in a visual way.

Save money on web design

Posted on May 07, 2014 by Money Bags

One way you can save money is by picking a website as a service (, rather than getting a web designer or developer to make you one. You have to think about what your audience really wants. Most of the time they just want fast access to readable information that looks nice on their iPhone or other mobile devices.

Apscade's website builder can help you start a website for the first time. Check out our website builder for yourself with a free 30 day trial. click here

Top uses for Apscade Saver 2

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Money Bags

Here are some of the ways I like to utilise my Apscade Saver 2 thermometer:

  • When at the supermarket I set a budget of say $80, I tally up each item I put into my trolly and then when I start approaching my limit, I will be more picky in the items I get and even put non essential items back.
  • I also track my yearly revenue for my business. The app gives me an easy to access snapshot of my current progress.
  • Life savings are important to me so I also have a dedicated goal for my life savings, that I update from time to time so I can see how i'm going.