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Rank: #2
19,713 happiness collected
Difficulty: Easy

9x1 Score: 0
9x2 Score: 0
9x3 Score: 0
9x4 Score: 0
9x5 Score: 0
9x6 Score: 0
9x7 Score: 1
9x8 Score: 0
9x9 Score: 0
9x10 Score: 0
9x11 Score: 0
9x12 Score: 0
Highest Score:12012
Best Time:24s
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Total Happiness collected by all players


1Piranha131,533Level Details
2Piranha319,713Level Details
3Piranha28,604Level Details
4Piranha66,513Level Details
5Piranha144,591Level Details
6Piranha333,604Level Details
7Piranha192,623Level Details
8Piranha102,057Level Details
9Piranha241,796Level Details
10Piranha51,765Level Details
11Piranha91,606Level Details
12Piranha41,561Level Details
13Piranha151,511Level Details
14Piranha291,468Level Details
15Piranha301,442Level Details
16Piranha211,426Level Details
17Piranha221,417Level Details
18Piranha201,376Level Details
19Piranha341,301Level Details
20Piranha361,292Level Details
21Piranha391,223Level Details
22Piranha81,107Level Details
23Piranha181,088Level Details
24Piranha271,064Level Details
25Piranha40948Level Details
26Piranha7890Level Details
27Piranha32762Level Details
28Piranha38516Level Details
29Piranha37485Level Details
30Piranha16446Level Details
31Piranha23374Level Details
32Piranha31356Level Details
33Piranha13329Level Details
34Piranha11288Level Details
35Piranha12287Level Details
36Piranha25239Level Details
37Piranha35237Level Details
38Piranha2661Level Details
39Piranha1744Level Details
40Piranha280Level Details

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