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Is your baby not sleeping? Baby Sleepeze specialize in baby Routines, Self Settling Techniques, Reflux, Colic, Responsive Settling, Post Natal Depression advice, babies safe sleeping environments, baby sleep cycles, SIDS guidelines, Support for Mothers and Fathers, Home Visits, Babies nutritional education diets including advice on food/milk allergies and Teething issues.

Colleen came to visit my 5 and half month old and I in our home a few weeks ago. I had been struggling to get my poor little man to sleep. He was barely sleeping from 1am until 6am and during the day his naps would not last more than 40 minutes - and it would sometimes take an hour or more to get him to sleep! I was exhausted and he was cranky all day. I was anxious about my visit from Colleen and feared that it would involve a lot of crying and distress.

Colleen was compassionate and sensitive and absolutely dedicated to finding solutions that met the needs of my family. She taught me to listen to my baby and distinguish his genuine need for comfort from efforts to sooth himself to sleep. I never felt alienated from my baby (or angry) and I never felt that I had to suppress my need to console him when required. She taught me how to read him, how to sooth him and how to teach him to sleep. I finally feel confident about his sleep training. All the websites in the world do not hold a candle to having an expert like Colleen spend an entire day with you and your baby.

Practical solutions for when your baby is not sleeping

It has been three weeks and my baby is taking 2 hour naps in the day, and sleeping from 7pm to 5 or 6am. We are still ironing out some small issues and had a little hiccup when he was sick and I had to put the sleep training aside, but all in all I am absolutely amazed by the difference. He is such a happy baby now and I have a lot more free time on my hands! It was a very difficult process but I was committed to seeing it through. Without a doubt her consultation was the best money I have spent on my child to date. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Colleen's Professional Qualifications

Certificate in Childcare Assistant, Diploma in Community Services, Bachelor of Early Childhood, Diploma of Nursing, Graduate Certificate of Social Science (Pre & Post Natal Family Support).

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