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How to create secure project backups?

This backup tool helps protect data at the source, where it is created.


The basis for this utility was to make it easy to archive project data and to keep it safe in all locations (including the source). This Windows batch (.bat) script archives your files in such a way that it is stored safer than a regular backup.

This tool neatly zips your project folder into an archive labeled by name, date and time. It is very quick and simple to accumulate a backup history so that you always have your most important data.


Here is how you can access this tool:

  1. Sign up for the website service and start your website.
  2. Pay the yearly subscription and email Apscade for access to this tool.
  3. Once access has been granted you will be able to log in to the admin section using your user/password.
  4. Visit the 'Admin Utils' page and you can download the 'Apscade Secure Bakup' zip that contains the files for the tool.
  5. Configure the tool using the instruction and then, make lots
    of projects.
  6. Create your website at to get this bonus tool