Awesome Ideas

How To Create Your Personal Gift List?

  1. Register for a new website at Apscade Builder
  2. Login to your website to edit it. Your email will have all the details.
  3. Once you are logged in, Go to 'Pages' in the menu
  4. Type in all the fields, but for template type 'gift'
  5. Type in the menu label field so that you get a menu button to the page
  6. Next go to 'Product Pages' in the menu
  7. From here you can create your own catalogue of gifts
  8. Type 'g1' for the barcode
  9. Type 'hide' for the image name
  10. Name your item. E.g. 'Scooter'
  11. Click 'Add / Update' and wait until the page reloads
  12. Click 'Add / Update' once more to link the Page ID to the search page
  13. Select 'Add next page' and repeat this process to add more items to your gift list
  14. Go back to your Gift page and view it.
  15. Share your page with friends and, if they want to get you that gift they can 'take responsibility' for it.
  16. That way you won't get people giving you the same gift.